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Technological Support

The Group has a range of technological services to provide test working and support mine development.

The creation of the Group’s technical support base began simultaneously with the launching of its first enterprise, the Pokrovskiy mine, in 1999 when a testing and analysis laboratory was founded. With the development of the Group and its increased year-on-year gold production, its technological support base has also expanded. Today the Group has a network of laboratories, equipped with the highest quality, world-class equipment and staffed by tremendously skilled and trained personnel.

In 2009 this network of laboratories was supplemented with a state-of-the-art metallurgical test plant in Blagoveschensk – a first of its kind in the Russian Far East. The plant is able to examine various types of ore processing and to specify the parameters required at the Group’s enterprises to ensure that these are the most effective.

scientific research
scientific research
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